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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rocky Raccoon

Her name was MaGill,
but she called herself Lil,
but everyone knew her as Nancy.

Rocky Raccoon,
Lennon & McCartney

I met a guy in law school once who, when asked his name, went into a spiel something like this:
"My name is Bob, but my friends call me Rick, although my family calls me Bud, but you can call me....."

I feel a bit like that, as I've been experimenting with suitable internet user names. I've posted on other blogs as Dave Oschen & Dascho. I've tried a few additional iterations here. I don't actually like using pseudonyms (their "pseudo" after all, meaning false, untrue -- hardly a testament to light and truth!) On the other hand, I'd like a bit of internet anonymity. So, I've settled on Dave Carl, my first and middle names, thereby accomodating my desires for both truth and reticence.

But you can call me Dan, although my friends call me Jack....


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