A Friend After 50 Years

A record of one journey into a peculiar type of Quaker Christianity, and a bit of silliness to boot.

Location: Arkansas

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Forty's more like it but....

I started attending an unprogrammed Quaker meeting about 8 years ago or so, in my forties. However, I was still attending a Unitarian church at the time, which I continued until a few years ago. After reaching age 50, I felt for various reasons to quit "straddling the fence" and began attending the local Friends meeting exclusively. I'm still an "attender," not a member, as I seem to have some issues with the membership idea. Nevertheless, I feel decidedly "Quaker" and have been immersing myself in the history, faith and practice of Friends.

I've been following the Quaker blogosphere for several months and find it fascinating and thought provoking. I've posted a few times as "Dascho" on Brooklyn Quaker's blog (excuse the lack of a link, I'm not quite up to speed on that sort of thing yet). I find myself checking in with Quaker Ranter's blog watch daily to stay up to date with the latest posts. And now I've felt the urge (or "call"?) to cross the line from observer to participant.

'What can I do?' - SiCKO