A Friend After 50 Years

A record of one journey into a peculiar type of Quaker Christianity, and a bit of silliness to boot.

Location: Arkansas

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Well, six years on, here's another post.  Before I get to what I wanted to say today, I'll mention that I miss this old-fashioned technology, the Blog.  I have been seduced by Facebook and spend a certain amount of time in Quaker groups there.  But FB just isn't conducive to thoughtful reflection; it has a certain circus-like atmosphere.  Its conducive to "memes" and political articles with slanted titles ("Congressman says teddy bears don't deserve to be loved!!!") It offers a lot of perspective and access to information that I wouldn't find otherwise.  Its a place where I'm "accessible" to friends and family of all political persuasions.  I'm not much given to argument (or would at least like to be less so!) and so restrict my posts there to mainly innocuous things.  And so I return to the "old Faithful" blog.  Since my last post I have moved and am now attending a meeting in a larger city.   When last I posted here, I was a grandparent of a nearly-newborn; now there are four!  And so on....

'What can I do?' - SiCKO