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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Am I Christing?

Friend Sarah of A Thing So Small mused a few weeks ago on whether she is a Christian. Her post is fascinating and I can't do it justice here, but generally centers on whether she is actually a "Christian" as defined by others who claim that appellation. There were several thoughtful and interesting replies. I added mine and would like to archive it here (lightly edited) as well:

I was thinking about this in Meeting for Worship this week. I recalled someone saying that perhaps we'd be better off if we had no nouns, just verbs. Thus, the question would be, not "am I a Christian" but "am I Christianing" or perhaps "am I Christing?" If we're not, we can keep seeking guidance from the Christ within us. George Fox urged us to be in the spirit first, then read scripture that was written in that same spirit. He found that a native American had "the light" of Christ when the man told him there was something within him that let him know when he had done something wrong. Perhaps Christ's yoke is lighter (in terms of doctrinal requirements, at least) than our fundamentalist brothers and sisters might have us believe.


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